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Mobile App Ordering has arrived!  Now with EXUT - the World's First Mobile App Ordering Platform for both BUYERS & SELLERS - on the go ordering has never been easier! 

In a hurry?  No, problem.  The EXUT Mobile App empowers you to get what you need - Fast & Conveniently!   The EXUT Mobile App is very simple and intuitive to use & can be tailored to fit most types of businesses such as C-stores, drive-thru markets, gas stations, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, & MORE.

EXUT is the most innovative 'grab order and go' mobile app that facilitates fast and easy buying and selling of many products. For merchants, it draws customers who happen to be in the neighborhood to buy online products and pickup in store. The app is free to download from the App Store and Play Store!

The 'grab order & go' service provider apps like EXUT have become the bridge between consumers and merchants near their location, with Map-enabled real-time tracking of the stores’ locations and customer movements, ensuring that the ordered items are ready for pick-up in stipulated time, by just showing the e-receipt to the cashier from the phone. With options for delivery to the customer’s vehicle, it is very handy for those who are in a rush.

So, no more hassles of waiting in line or store grazing, looking for what you need. Simple, easy, and convenient – it’s a smart use of digital empowerment for solving everyday hassles!

What is E X U T - Service?

A type of delivery method, in which the items are delivered "In-Store".

What is E X U T - Express?

A type of delivery method, in which items are delivered at customer's vehicle.

How it Works?
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